Is There Any Treatment For Shingles?

Is There Any Treatment for Shingles?

Shingles is a disease that affects the nerves. This medical condition is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox in children. Even if you recover from chickenpox, the virus continues to live in some nerve cells. Since it’s inactive, you may not know whether it’s there. According to medical experts, a significant percentage of adults live with the virus within their bodies, but do not suffer from its symptoms.

is there any treatment for shingles

However, the virus may become active again in some people. When that happens, it results in shingles instead of chickenpox. Research is still undergoing to establish what makes the virus active again. A person who has this condition may or may not be afflicted with another health complication. If you have had chickenpox before, the virus will most likely be laying dormant in your body, and you may be afflicted with shingles in the future.

There have been no research findings to show the likelihood of people being afflicted with the disease. However, some people are more prone to the disease than others. One of the risk factors is age. The risk of getting the illness increases as you become older as the body’s ability to fight diseases reduces as you age.

About 50% of all patients are adults aged 60 and above. The risk of getting contracting the disease increases when you reach 70 years of age. As age decreases the efficiency of the immune system, the chances of getting the disease increases as you age.

Additionally, individuals suffering from chronic infections are prone to medical conditions. According to some studies, high-stress levels or a cold can adversely affect your immune system. These are just some of the factors that make some people more prone to the infection than others.

Can You Catch Shingles from Someone?

The disease isn’t contagious. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about catching it from another person. However, you can contract chickenpox from a patient with it. If you have never suffered from chickenpox, avoid getting into contact with an infected person.

If you’re diagnosed with this condition, ensure you stay away from other residents in your home, especially if they have a weak immune system. Usually, the medical condition lasts 3 to 5 weeks.

Common Symptoms

The disease usually affects only one side of the body. Some of the most affected areas are the waist, back, and abdomen. The symptoms can also appear in other parts of the body, including the eyes and ears. If left untreated, it can also affect internal organs. Unlike many diseases, its symptoms usually occur in specific parts, rather than all over the body. When you have this condition, the pain you experience is mainly caused by nerve involvement and not the rash itself. Some people with the disease only report pain and not the rash. Some patients have a rash with pain that is usually accompanied by symptoms such as fever and headache. The symptoms can vary from one person to another, depending on where they appear on the body. Here are some of the most common symptoms:

  • A sharp pain that comes and goes after a while
  • Skin rash
  • Redness and swelling around the eyes
  • Vision loss
  • Muscle weakness
  • Balance complications

Treatment Options

Essential Oils

essential oils

People recognize essential oils as some of the most effective remedies for many medical conditions. Some essential oils contain properties that help to prevent skin irritation. One of the most popular oils used to treat the disease is chamomile oil, as it promotes skin cell regeneration and prevents inflammation.

Tea tree oil is also recommended as a treatment option due to its antimicrobial properties and the ability to speed up the healing process. Many people consider the oils as low-risk remedies. However, like other medications, they may have negative side effects. Some people may experience allergies from using plant-based oils.

Some people also report a burning sensation after applying the products on the skin, especially on areas with a rash. Medical experts recommended testing the oils on a small patch of the skin to avoid having a widespread negative reaction. Consider seeking the advice of a doctor before you apply the products on your skin.

Get Cool Baths

Ensure you cleanse the blisters daily. You can soothe your skin by taking a cool shower. When you use cool water, you ease pain from the blisters and reduce itching. Pour about 2 cups of colloidal oatmeal into warm water and soak for about 20 minutes. Avoid using hot water as it may worsen the blisters due to increased blood flow. Once you’re done, dry your body completely and wash your towel. Failure to do so may result in the spreading of the virus.

Cold compresses

Itching and inflammation are common for people with shingles. One of the solutions to relieve the symptoms is holding cool cloths against where you have the rash. You can soak a cotton cloth with cool water and place it on sore areas. Repeat the procedure as necessary.

Lotions and creams

When you scratch the rash, you will experience scars and prolong the blisters. If cool baths cannot relieve the symptoms, you should try using lotions and shingles creams. Although the products will not speed up the healing process, they can result in increased comfort levels. Avoid using scented or perfumed lotions as they can cause irritation. However, lotions and creams should be used sparingly. Heavy application of creams prevents the sores from drying up and hence a lengthy healing process.

shingles common symptoms

One of the best ointments for shingles is EMUAID®. Your skin acts as a barrier that keeps bacteria and infections out. Most treatments cannot penetrate the skin as needed to deliver essential ingredients that your body needs. If a medication cannot penetrate the skin’s barrier, there’s no way to use it to alleviate the symptoms of the condition.

EMUAID® is unique. The product has properties that enable it to penetrate the skin and deliver powerful ingredients. The ointment penetrates the skin on application and helps relieve the symptoms of the disease.

Its ingredients help to reduce inflammation and relieve the itching associated with the medical complication. Skin-mimicking lipids and other ingredients work with oxygen boosters to increase blood flow and promote skin repair.

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